Find answers to your questions about the app here.

Find answers to your questions about the app here.

Weighlos - abnehmen, Fitness, Gesundheit, Freundschaft

General questions:

When you click on “Enter weight”, a scale appears. You can drag the number displayed in the scale up or down. 

If you want to enter the weight for another day, you can click on the date above the scale and a calendar will appear. 

On the “Home” page there is a menu at the bottom, if you click on the third icon you will see your stats.

Alternatively, you can click on the big circle “Total progress” at the top.

On the “Home” page, there is a “Find Group” tile at the bottom. Click on that and you have the choice to search for a group or to create one at the top of the next page. 

We are currently working hard to ensure that interval fasting will soon be available in Weighlos.

As a Weighlos user, you will then automatically receive the changes on your cell phone. 

If you notice anything else or if you would like to see something else in the app, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to receive feedback. Below you will find a form for this purpose. 

The idea for the project and the development started many months before, but Weighlos really got started in October 2022. 

How to create an account

How to track your food

Questions about the groups:

In your group there is a menu at the bottom. Click on the icon with the two people on the far right. There you will find an overview of your group and its members. Click on the 3 dots next to your name to leave the group.

On the home page you can click on “Find group” at the bottom left and join a group / create a group.

If the field does not appear immediately on your screen, use your finger to move the fields up. 

On the home page, if you are active in more than one group, you will see three dots at the top of the light blue “Your groups” tile. If you click on this, you can change the group that you want to be displayed in the tile.  

Other questions or feedback?

Just write us – We are looking forward to your message!